Friday, June 23, 2017

Yoshieggshell Coming Out of the Shadows

We have another potential Tapir Signal. Username is yoshieggshell. His original post is here.

He is currently located in Pocatello, ID and wants to end up in Queen Creek, AZ, where their family is.

This is what he sent me, I have permission from him to make this public...

We need help covering cost of moving, uhaul, we need a place for us 3 to stay. Our boy is 8 months and teething, so he can get fussy occasionally. Other than that he's an angel.

Specifically, We need money, (our gofundme) I would love to have a job lined up for me.
u/FearlessFixxer, I told him I would send the gofundme stuff to you to see if you could post the gofundme account somewhere, or sent it out. I want to send all situations involving money to you.

The other thing we could do is put up a tapir signal and see if we could crowdsource for jobs in that area, and possible places to stay for them.

Official Tapir Signal posted Here

UPDATE 1- 5-31-17

We are moving into our apartment tomorrow (couldnt have happened without the amazing people on this sub), and the last thing we need is employment.

We will take just about anything as long as it pays the bills. We're in a hurry to find employment mainly because my medical card and marijuana all has to come out of pocket. Turns out thats kind of a lot of money. Not to mention we only have a month of rent paid for, so it's pretty stressful here.

We have been in AZ for 2 weeks now, and we have applied every day, and neither of us have heard anything back, no interviews, no offers, no nothing. We can't leave the church until we are 100% financially stable; it feels like we're being trapped again.

We are located in Apache Junction, AZ, 85119, and can travel to surrounding areas if needed. I have a lot of customer service experience, as well as some office, sales, large cash handling, and maintenance, as well as a few other things of less importance. My wife has experience in child and animal care, food service, office, and reception, as well as working as a TA while in school. We both have a year of college finished.

You have both of our permissions to share any information given here, and if you need more please let me know. Again, thank you for everything you've done for us, as well as the community. It never goes unappreciated.


Just got msg from yoshi on 6/8/17@1300

I just got notice today that a position I thought I had fell through because I can't pass a drug screen. Thought I'd letchya know. Not really sure where to go from here.


Msg from Yoshi on 6/13/17@1000
Still nothing on the job front for either of us. We scraped together enough money (we think) to pay for the medical card, so that's helpful. Just a waiting game now. Even if someone know's of any odd jobs, temp jobs, we'll take it. Thanks to everyone who's assisted us.

Oh, and we submitted all 3 of our resignations! Already feel like we have more control over our lives.

We're still waiting on updates. If you can help, please reach out to us.

A Cinderella298 Story

Original post by Cinderella298 can be found Here

Tapir Signal Post Here

What we know:

/u/Cinderella298 gave me permission to post the following in regards to their situation...

We're in the South Houston area closer to Sugar Land. We are set very well financially the problem is my fiancé has a broken lease on his history because his dad got sick about two years ago and he had to break lease to move back home to help them.

We've been turned down by 2 apartments so far because of the broken lease which was paid off in full and taken care of.So we asked his parents if they could help us out and do a six month lease with us since no one would take us. Because we're not married yet and living together we're "immoral and living a life of sin". His mom called us into her room and chewed us out like we were kids last night and was blaming all her problems on us and that because we were immoral and living with them that's why she was so miserable and an bunch of other just crap. So they screwed him over because he broke lease to go help them when they needed help and now they won't help us and no apartment will lease to us because it's on his history.

It's been over two years since he broke lease his credit isn't horrible but it's not fantastic either. We just need a place to stay for a little while whether that's a room at someone's house or an apartment or second bedroom. Almost anything at this point because our lease is up in 3 weeks where we are now. We do have a dog but if we have to we will find her a new home because we can't be living on the streets.

The only reason we're living together unmarried now is because MY parents kicked me out and disowned me at 17 and I didn't have anywhere else to go. My fiancés mom does not like me at all and it's all because of religious beliefs yes.

We have a car and we can afford everything we just can't find a place to live. We're both managers for GNC and I'm also a manager at Abercrombie so we're pretty busy and we're fine financially.

Location: South Houston area closer to Sugar Land

Contact: Please PM /u/Cinderella298 for more info, or help.


Got a PM from FeminineGrace who is a nevermo who offered possible housing. Waiting to hear whether or not OP will reach out to this person.

6/10/2017- From Cinderella...
UPDATE: we have found a place. We'll be staying month to month and it's a whole lot cheaper. It's an extra room in someone's home. They're giving us the master bedroom with the master bath so we should be set. They also have a fenced in backyard for the puppers thank you so much for all the help and for everyone who gave advice and suggestions. It was such a stressful situation and to have a group that could help back us up and aide us was amazing. Again thank you so much. Sending love to all of you! ♥

It turned out that a different couple reached out to cinderella298 and offered a master bedroom for them.

Thanks all!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Coming Soon

Soon we'll have the stories of those that we can help as well what can be done...

In the meantime, here's some awesome tapir riding

Also, never mess with a tapir.