Sunday, July 2, 2017

What we're about

What is the Tapir Signal?
When Gotham is in trouble, Commissioner Gordon lights up the bat signal to call for aid. We don’t have Batman, but we’ve got something better: a kind, caring network of people willing to pool their skills and resources to help others dealing with hardship because of their religion.

The Tapir Signal primarily serves people struggling in Mormon communities and the church. While the church has and continues to positively impact many members’ lives, it has also severely harmed countless individuals. It has silenced members and supported a legislative agenda that discriminates against women and members of the LGBTQ community. It has failed to apologize or make amends for its racist doctrine and policies in the past. The church-owned and -run Brigham Young University has interrupted the education of members who resign from the church while at school and punished victims of sexual assault for coming forward. There are several documented cases where the church has encouraged victims of abuse to forgive their abuser and continue living in fear and violence rather than contact authorities.

Working in conjunction with the Exmormon subreddit and other communities on, we shine the Tapir Signal whenever someone needs help mitigating or escaping the abuses of the church or community. We try to serve anyone in need, whether they are ex-members, current believing Mormons, or aren’t sure where they fall on the spectrum of faith. We have a network of volunteers spread across the United States and in various places throughout the world who are ready to help tailor a resume, pack up a moving van, or simply listen when someone needs a sympathetic ear, among other things.

How to activate the Tapir Signal
If you are in need of help, contact the moderators of the Tapir Signal through any of the links in the side panel. Let us know what kind of aid you need. In the past, we have helped individuals and their families by extending job opportunities, providing temporary housing, aiding in the search for permanent housing, talking with people in crisis, and much more.

How to help
Become a member of the Tapir Signal network by volunteering your skills, resources, or even just your time. Click the “volunteer” link in the sidebar to sign up. Even if you have never been a Mormon but would like to help, we’re happy to have you as part of our network.

But why tapirs?
Because they’re interesting animals and we think they’re cute.

Actually, the name comes from some truly fascinating Mormon apologetics. The Book of Mormon references horses living in the Americas during a time when every single piece of archaeological and biological evidence says they did not. Mormon apologist Daniel C. Petersen suggests that maybe the horses referenced were actually tapirs. Because that makes sense.

Mission statement
Through a national network of compassionate volunteers, the Tapir Signal seeks to provide help and resources to ex-Mormons and Mormons who are suffering abuses either directly caused by or due to the influence of the Mormon church. We believe that everyone, regardless of faith, deserves to be safe and respected and we will do our part to help people in need achieve both.

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